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In this post on Nonprofit Technology News, MindEdge’s Chief Business Officer Brad Neuenhaus discusses the upcoming needs of nonprofit organizations for management talent:

“Navigating the Nonprofit Boomer Brain Drain.”

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At the 2017 MindEdge LINK Symposium, Emmy-nominated writer and advertising creative director, Liz Breen, graced the stage to offer her perspective on the importance of storytelling and narratives. Narrative, Liz described, can be used to pull an audience into the action. This funny, intelligent speech set our minds buzzing as to how we can better leverage narrative in course development. Please enjoy as much as we did!

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Frank Connolly, MindEdge Senior Editor, discusses critical thinking as a career advantage in his column on The HuffingtonPost:

“The Skill That Will Protect You from the Rise of Robotics in the Workplace.”

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